Each year the Society has a get together at some interesting venues, almost always in early September.  Until recently, these were called Reunions, because most of those attending did so every year and were mainly those members who had come together to form and grow the Society as part of their endeavours to trace their Bliss ancestors before the days of internet coverage of family history information.

Nowadays, sadly there are fewer of those members able to travel to the venues, so it is hoped that many of the more recent members to join the Society will come along. Hence the new name of Gatherings.

Recent venues were:-

2013 – The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) and a visit and buffet at                                                     Charterhouse.

2014 – Hampton Court Palace, dinner at an Esher Restaurant, Kew Gardens and Kew                                              House.

2015 – London – BBC Broadcasting House, lunch and visit to the Wallace Gallery and                                               Kenwood House.

2016 – London – The Inner Temple, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, dinner at the                                          Tower Restaurant and the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London.

2017 – Cambridge – The American Cemetery, Duxford Imperial War Museum, a dinner at                              a riverside restaurant in Cambridge and Cambridge University’s Clare College

2018 – Richmond – the Poppy Factory, lunch at an Italian Restaurant and Syon House.