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Our mission is to facilitate Bliss genealogical research, the celebration of the Bliss name and fellowship with all who are connected to the name in all parts of the world.

The Bliss Family History Society was created in August 1983 to help members trace their Bliss ancestors, build their own family trees and share information, experiences and to bring distant relatives together.  That was before the internet gave individuals almost all that information on a multitude of websites, to which more and more information is being added almost every day.

Today, the Society publishes the Bliss Magazine in June and December each year containing reports of its activities, information about its member’s family history research, articles produced by members, articles about Blisses of the past and any other items of interest to members.

Every year, there has been a gathering at places of historical interest, sometimes having a connection with a famous Bliss and members can discuss with each other items of common interests or to seek help with their own family history research. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic this has not been possible.


The December 2021 Bliss Magazine will soon be in preparation and will be posted to members after Christmas. It will contain more articles on fascinating Blisses and more facts about the Bliss Soldiers of WW1. Since posting the December 2020 Magazine, two more sources has been found for identifying US Soldiers who were in WWI and details of 170 missing from previous editions will be available in subsquent editions.


Our previous Chairman, Tom Bliss has produced an online survey and timeline of British History entitled Annals Britannica at www.blissworks.uk. He took the opportunity to do this during the lockdown to fulfil a long time ambition. Enjoy!!